So When is it OK to Fake it Till You Make It?

by Dave Jackson

Wow, there is a lot of controversy over faking it until you make it.  I didn’t know that so many people were confused about this.  And the reason is, because they don’t know if they should or shouldn’t.  We’ve come so far in science and medicine to know that the placebo effect works every time.  In fact, Dr. Oz says that they don’t even tell patients that they’re likely to die – because the patient usually cooperates!

What does this mean, and what does it have to do with faking in?

Simple.  When you present something to your subconscience mind – (not your brain) – it doesn’t care, doesn’t know whether it is real or fake.  All it knows is that you are feeding it with this “thought” and it will process that.

Remember that whatever you think about, you bring about.  No mystery there, either.


Dave in Naples

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