by Dave Jackson

Dennis brought over the cute terrier he cares for. It was about time to pick up my daughter from school – so we thought it would be fun to take “George” along. Of course, she love him, her eyes beaming with pride. As other kids just walked home, she had a dog on a leash. Too cool.

Once home we needed to head out to the local Target. But it was hard getting my 6 year old in the car. She was busy telling everyone on the street about the new dog her brother was taking care of.

She especially spent time with Ms. Kist, because Ms. Kist has a dog.

She knew she would have great rapport with a fellow dog owner. I noted how she was pasionate about the pup and sharing was just another great outlet.

Kids have great skills at socializing. They watch and see what someone has in common – and use that to break the ice. They make friends fast and enjoy them.

Just a reminder to always always always find a common point you can both easily relate to. Next, unless your business is a common point, don’t mention it until it is.

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