Spiritual Teachers and Gurus

by Dave Jackson
The Holy Spirit

The Holy SpiritLabels. We attach labels to people to help our mind identify them, along with the mental visual and audible cues we assign. And for some extraordinary people (in our opinion, anyway), we tack on the label of “guru” or “spiritual teacher.”

For years I marveled at how some stand and speak, or write in ways that seem to be on a different, higher level than the norm. In fact, when you listen to or read their best works, even they would admit to channeling some other being.

And before I freak you out too much, for the most part, they say it is divine influence.

That said, if we turn this the other way; that is, to comprehend something written on another level, it makes sense that it takes some sort of channeling of knowledge to open our minds to be able to understand. Stick with me here.

Most people don’t crack the Bible to read it because they can’t understand it. If you’re not a Christian, this makes sense because you probably don’t really understand the whole relationship with God. But I’m talking about Christians. Many of them fail to comprehend the truths of Scripture.

The way you get from “complicated you” to understanding is by asking the divine Teacher. He is called the “Holy Spirit” and one of His chief responsibilities is to enable Christians to understand the things of God.

More than once I’d look at other believers and ponder, wow…I will never be able to reach that level. But I missed the point. It’s not how much knowledge I had then (or now!), but how much I am growing in my understanding. The Spirit will teach you what you need to know and not necessarily what others know.

The goal is to make us godly people so He gives us enough truth each day to change our lives. He will interpret the meaning and give an application designed specifically for each person.

The Bible is a big book; collection of “books.” But don’t think the Spirit’s goal is to fill that pretty head of yours with tons of information so you can be in a deeper relationship with Jesus. No. He wants you to understand the truth so you will fall in love with Jesus!

When you’re in love with someone, you want to spend your time with them; get to know everything about them. He knows when you fall in love with the Lord, you’ll spend time in the Word and get to know Him even better.

Did you know all these treasures of the Bible could stay out of your reach if you never ask the divine Teacher to unlock them? Each time you pick up your Bible, ask God for understanding. A beautiful, intimate relationship with Christ is waiting for you when you let the Holy Spirit reveal to you the thoughts of Almighty God.

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