Staying Motivated

by Dave Jackson

I know my buddy Chris Widener has a nice session on how to stay motivated.  And I’ve been to a dozen or more seminars with the great speakers and have around that many notebooks around the house with tons of notes taken while soaking in the best way to stay motivated.

Since January 1 has come and gone and you may not be doing all the fun things you planned for this year, this might be a good refresher on how to quickly get back on the wagon.  And if you’re already there, print this out and hand it to a friend.

It all boils down to 5 things – here they are:

  1. Write out a clear life plan – your ultimate goals – and refer to this plan often.
  2. Exercise – Yikes!  You knew this would be in here somewhere.  Just look at the people who have it together in life.  Increasing your heart rate increases your energy level to tackle other goals.  Thus, no exercising close to bed time.
  3. When undertaking a lengthy and difficult project, especially something you DON’T want to do, imagine what you’d like to be doing when finished – like eating a great meal, see a cool movie, read a good book – and make this task a priority.
  4. Keep your WHY in front of your eye.  Do you want a new iPhone, car, more time with the family, a new netbook?  Keep a photo of your goal on your desk or where you will see it often.
  5. Figure out how much sleep works for you.  I know I cover this often.  It’s because I was the biggest cheater on sleep in the world, next to my son, Dennis.  But it catches up with you.  Especially in health.  The body needs time to repair itself.  Most of us need six to eight hours.  Adequate sleep fuels inspiration and clarity and helps maintain healthy eating.

That is all for now.  If you follow a few of those, you’re doing good.  If you want to make it happen this year – follow all of them.  Make them your boss!


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