Strategies to Become Financially Independent

by Dave Jackson

What a catchy title. You know, we’ve been discussing home based businesses and mainly because of the times, plus the fact that it may be a challenge for some to enter back into the workforce. But my research led me to find some interesting facts.

More than 80 percent of self-made millionaires in America began with nothing. And I totally thought that was bogus. I mean – the media makes us think that most fortunes are handed down.

But it’s gotta be true. Just think. Not long ago many of us were always running out of money before the end of the month. We may even get a little raise, but it is quickly absorbed into our mounting bills. We’re a nation of people in debt, sadly.

MySpacePeople are so strapped, that almost always when opportunity knocks, they can’t take advantage of it. My son is a great example, and I hate to pick on him, but he’s always just making it – or asking for a loan from the bank of Dad. Recently, on his video lifecast, he claim how life would be much better with a cool digital camera to take stills. And he’s got quite a following. So one chap from California said he’s not using one of his old cameras – he’ll pack it up and send it along as a gift.

Wow! That’s nice!

When my son got the camera, it still had some pictures on it. Turns out this fellow from California is one of the founders of MySpace and these pictures, I’ve seen them – are people even you would know.

As I began to study people who made millions on their own, I found that almost everyone around me was pretty much broke, too. Yes, I wanted to strike it rich, so I kept dreaming – but it was a distant dream. Are you in the same situation I was, with more bills than money?

You’re probably going to want to run away to Smoothie King or the back of some quiet cafeteria where you feel safe when I mention the next item – but it must be addressed. To me, anyway, stats are scary – unless they’re leaning my way. But listen up – “check it out” as Randy Jackson says – of 100 people (you and me) who reach retirement age, only one will be wealthy. I read that from some insurance statistics at And four out of 100 will be financially independent. 15 of the 100 will have “some” savings put aside.

Guess where the other 80 percent end up? Well, you’re right. Broke!

Now how in the world does this happen in this country? We’re smack-dab in the middle of the most affluent society in the history of mankind.

Two reasons, I believe.

First – these 80 percenters just never decided to retire rich. Oh, sure… they wished and hoped and prayed. But they never once made a firm decision that they were going to “do it”.

Second – even if they do decide to make a move, they’re so late at it – it becomes an impossibility.

If you, my friend, want to beat the odds – if you want to achieve financial independence and retire “wealthy” I guarantee you can do it by following four critical steps. Of course these are cool because they all start with the letter “D” like “Dave” so you’ll remember them. Today the crossing guard called me “Dick” – and I thought – at least it starts with a D.

Here we go. Step one, Desire. You gotta want it bad enough to make a huge commitment and be willing to make sacrifices. Step two, Decision. Make a decision today that you’ll do whatever is necessary – go anywhere – do anything – pay any price – to reach your goal. Step three – Determination. This is stamina to go on in the face of all obstacles. Four is Discipline. You must master habits that will take you to financial independence.

So make that decision right now that you ain’t gonna retire poor. You’re going to be financially independent no matter what obstacles you face short term. Write that down and make a plan.

Don’t ever give up. Keep moving forward every day until you reach that goal!

Talk soon,

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