Test Market

by Dave Jackson

Sometimes I get asked how we test market anything; an idea, a new product, literature. People close to me know that I am a stickler for writing down what works and what doesn’t and follow through.

What you may not know is that around 90% of those who try something new experience some results but never really know how they got it. For example, many people market using what is called a “success pack” – a folder or binder with goodies about the company.

This pack is left with a prospect, and many times the prospect is forced to make the next move. But even if the marketer calls the prospect back, chances are nobody is keeping stats on what works and what doesn’t.

Did that new CD make more people get excited, or less. How about if I leave it over a weekend – are more people curious when I call back Monday, or Tuesday? And if I choose to leave a sample, do they use it – or do I need to really ask for a committment?

What works?

Don’t trust your memory.

There are new marketing plans coming out every few months. Those who invent these plans are generally the same people who track what works and what doesn’t so they can do more of what works.

Yes, I know it sounds too simple, but if you trust everything put in front of you – you are really shooting with bird shot and hoping to hit a few (also known as “pray” and “spray”).

Begin today – it’s easy. Get a composition book and write down at the end of each day what worked. And write down what didn’t. This tip alone will shave months, if not years off your prospecting skills.

And when you have those “ah-Ha!” moments, put a big star by the entry in the margin. You can refer back there quickly.

You have your homework! Let me know how it goes.

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