The Magic Wand Syndrome

by Dave Jackson

Back in 1994, when I started a web hosting company, I told my wife not to worry – that whatever happened, I would keep trying until I found success. Before the Internet, I had several successful online bulletin boards. This Internet thing was going to be a piece of cake!

My goal was to get to the point where we never had to worry about money again.

And, guess what?!! It’s easier to achieve financial independence today that at any other time in history! Just think of what your parents would have had to do to attain financial freedom? I told her, we’re in the richest country at the richest time in all of human history. We’re surround by more wealth and affluence than ever before. So my job was to get my fair share.

You’re familiar with the law of cause and effect, no? It also applies to money. So financial success is an effect… of certain causes. Great – so we just have to identify the causes, and according to that “law”, we’ll have success. And, it’s so true. If we don’t reinvent the wheel – just follow the causes – we’ll make it.

That’s so simple that people don’t believe it.

They want a magic wand, a magic formula, a magic presentation, words, conference call, something that you just wave over a prospect and they will magically join you in your quest.

Oops! Cause and effect! What did the leaders in your company do to get where they’re at? Was is a magic wand?

You know what’s absolutely cool about this country? In America today, there are several million men and women who have started with nothing – or deep in debt – and achieved financial independence. And of course, people have analyzed these folks to death, and found out that their most cherished beliefs on the subject of money are the primary determinants of how much they would acquire and how much they kept over the years.

Right, money isn’t everything – happiness is. Make sure you go out and see the new movie, The Pursuit of Happyness. Your primary aim should be your own happiness. But one of the things that deprives you of happiness is worry about money.

I guess the greatest, single fear – the one that causes you more distress and unhappiness – is the fear of failure. In my studies I’ve found that one of the basic human needs is security. Any threat to your security, real or imaginary, can cause you tremendous stress.

You can only free yourself from the fears of poverty and failure by becoming financially free. And guess what else I found out? Financial independence is a key responsibility of adult life. (Dave… please translate!) Okay… No one else will do it for you.

Homework for you – Forget magic wands, presentations, calls. Ask one financially free person you know (or even don’t know, for that matter), what the “cause” is to their success.

Secondly – I always recommend a book that has helped me. Read books of people who went from rags to riches. They really have a story to tell that you can follow.

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Rachel January 15, 2007 - 11:20 pm

Hi Dave!
Thanks for your comment, you know I hadn’t thought of the blog being against policy. Hmm… Will have to check in to that. Thanks for the heads up. I love your site– what a blessing, thanks!


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