The REsults Presentation

by Dave Jackson

I think everyone in the room had a sigh of relief when they heard the words from the speaker, “this is to be used as a guideline”. What this company had been experiencing over the past year was extreme growth due to a new marketing system a networker had introduced.

The problem arose when people began to embellish to the extreme that some comments in the new presentation were questionable. Of course the company did the right thing in shutting down the 57+ variations on the new system and consequently publishing their own, “in compliance” system they call the REsults Presentation.

This company is poised to do $1 billion by 2007. Do you realize that as I write this in August, that is not that far away? What a whirlwind of activity and a true tidal wave of business!

In the REsults Presentation, the presenter told us to “ask for four names” as referrals. Honestly, when I have asked, people are hesitant at first – but if they “get it”, you have no problem. They can see others benefiting from what you yourself just tried.

She next told us we don’t need to know everyone. How many times have I seen people get involved with Network Marketing only to fail because they thought the plan was to contact everyone. Well, they did contact everyone and their organization stopped at the first or second level – that is – no one taught anyone how to keep going, or better, how to duplicate: teach your people how to teach their people to sponsor. And so the network ends with a level or two. Fizzle.

But you only need four, or five. And if those key people are taught to teach their four or five to teach their people to sponsor, well you see you’re already at four deep. That’s momentum.

When we finish presenting the business opportunity and the company, we should ask, “on a scale of one to ten, where do you see yourself?” This immediately gives you a feel to where the person is at.

As networkers, the speaker reminded us we should all have a “WHY” that makes us “CRY”. We should have at least 21 reasons why we are doing this business, and have the intestinal fortitude to turn this list of 21 in to our upline.

The next point, always make sure your calendar is full. In other words, set appointments – stay in activity. This is key for any company.

Spend an hour a day in personal development. Some do a half hour of reading/listening in the morning and a half hour at night.

And what about these seminars? Well, our speaker said that attending these will actually make you money. How? Just think about it. Sure, it costs money to come to – but, how many times do you walk away with an idea that makes you hundreds if not thousands of dollars? For me, every single time!

And a reminder, to not even try in this business unless you plan to go straight to the top. You duplicate whatever you do – so if you’re taking the slow road to the top, just don’t count on some ace to push you quickly to the top. It won’t happen.

Finally, stick with a plan. Stick with a system. The more you change it up, the harder it will be for any of your downline to duplicate. A system is easiest to duplicate. Just ask anyone at Starbucks.

As always,
Happy Prospecting!
Dave Jackson

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Bonnie Podraza March 6, 2006 - 12:07 pm

Hi Dave,
Do you still do the REsults Presentation and use the official presentation materials? Have you tried the “Let’s Go Shopping” Presentations? I’m at a point where I’m trying to decide on what system to go with, since we have some choices now, and would love to hear more about your system. I’ve just found your blog and read through many of the entries and have found them very helpful. Thanks for taking the time to put this out there.


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