Thinking Differently

by Dave Jackson

Is really all it takes to become successful is to think differently? Can you just have some thoughts about it and things magically fall into place? Well, it is a little more than that as you suspect, but it is almost that. That is, things falling into place because of your thoughts.

How do I explain this? I have experienced it as well as many of my colleagues. And it is the universe that moves things into where they will be for you – think of it as aligning – so that your success can happen. It is so true what you may have heard about when you believe in yourself and create goals that the universe conspires to make that happen for you.

So that is how the thinking things into reality comes from. Yes, if you think these things out and really believe that they will come about, then things will start to happen in a big way for you.

I don’t want to discount your ability to create.

God gives that to us and He is in us and is a creative force. God spoke the world we stand on into existence. And I’m sure He still speaks things from nothing into tangible objects.

I feel you can do this, too, if you really believe that you can do it. We have creative power that God gave us and so things can materialize by our thoughts. If we trust that they will, I am confident you will be amazed (although you shouldn’t be) at the great things that you bring about.

So start thinking and planning and creating. You have the power within you!

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