We All Speak Words – Why Not Use Them to Bless?

by Dave Jackson

I’m guilty. When I get angry I have been known to say things to the person who offended me, that just aren’t nice. And I have been known to make everyone around miserable as well. I know I have to continually work on not being childish and zipping my mouth because I want to use what I say to declare good things. Choices, no?

I want to use my words to bless people. Today I’m going to say cool and sweet things to my family, friends and people I love. And I’m going to say and see them as favored and victors!

This is SO easy to do. All we have to do is speak encouragement into them – “Rachel, I’m proud of you for inviting Nichole to the concert today. I love you and you are amazing and talented. You know…you are beautiful and will do great things in life!”

When you speak blessing over people in your life you’re not just spouting pretty words. Those words carry supernatural Power of God. They actually release greatness – ability, confidence, and His goodness in ways I can’t imagine.

Today make it your goal to speak blessing into as many people as you can. I’m telling you, your words can sprout favor in another person’s life.

When I was younger I heard about this young child who had a clef lip. When she smiled, it was kind of awkward. As she grew, in second grade other kids wouldn’t play with her because she looked different. She grew up with just a ton of insecurity. Imagine! With this she just withdrew from the other kids and spent time alone and didn’t really have friends. One day the school had hearing tests; remember those? The teacher would have each student walk slowly away from her as she whispered quietly. The kids were told to repeat what she whispered out loud at the front of the classroom.

For most of the students the teacher made general statements like, “The sky is blue. The car is red. My hair is brown.”

These kids would repeat each statement to show their hearing was okay.

When it came time for the little girl with the clef lip to test, she was very nervous. But when she passed the hearing test the teacher looked at her as said, “I wish you were my little girl.”

Hearing the teacher’s approval and the “blessing” spoken over her it did something inside of her. It gave her a whole new sense of confidence and greater self-esteem. But not only that, when the other students saw how much the teacher loved this little one, their attitudes changed as well. Now they all wanted to be her friend. They sat by her at lunch and started inviting her to their homes after school.

Just think. These kind words weren’t spoken by the parent, but by someone in authority and it released God’s favor in her life in a grand way. When she became a young woman, she often told of that day as a turning point in her life.

I just wonder what would have happened if the teacher would have withheld those kind words? What if she would have instead just said something ordinary?

It is SO simple to say something nice and genuine and it can have a HUGE impact on someone’s life. And that’s why you should get into the habit of speaking blessing over someone every chance you get.

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