We Created a Community

by Dave Jackson

Dave JacksonWe’ve been in several businesses and I get asked often what the key to building a big group was.  And the answer is one you’ve heard before.  You get cooperation from others.  Empowering people is really the key to building a great team.  Because once you empower them by learning how to motivate and inspire them, they want to work with you to help you get to your goals.  But it’s this ability to enlist the know-how, energy and resources of other people that gives you the ability to leverage yourself to get more done in a short period of time.

OK, so we know we need to empower people – but who should be our key players?  Well, for me it is the people closest to you – family, friends, spouse and kids.  Next, at work, or in your network, it’s your downline, or coworkers, your peers, and even your boss.  The next group are the people you meet everyday – like your banker, customers, people you run into at stores.  You goal here is to get people to help you.

It’s interesting when I looked up the word empower, it actually means putting power into.  But it can also mean bringing energy and enthusiasm out of.  See how empowering people is really you ceasing to do anything that disempowers them – well, reduces their energy and enthusiam for what they are doing.  And, wow – when you think about it – there are tons of things you can do every day to empower people and make them feel good about themselves.

I’ve found through years of working in this field that one of the deepest needs a person has is that of self-esteem.  A sense of being important, valuable and worth something.  I remember Jim Rohn once saying to simply look at people as if they had a sign hanging around their neck that said – make me feel important.  Just remember that every interaction you have with someone affects their self-esteem in some way.  Give others what you want for yourself.

Appreciation is one of the best ways to affect self-esteem.  Just say thank you when it’s due.  Thank friends when they do something small – make it a habit of appreciating everything.

Finally, create a community with your team or group.  I talked earlier about empowering them.  When you create a community, you empower each person with a task.  The group takes on its own personality and before you know it, it’s like a fine-tuned machine.  People want to become a part of that.

Give, but at the same time, empower.  You’ll find it so rewarding and yes it will shoot you straight to the top.

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