What Does Defund the Police Mean?

by Gene Quevedo
Defund the Police

David K. Jackson, [Jul 24, 2020 at 6:11:46 PM]:

We’re going to regret deeply this anti police bullshit. Are we seriously this stupid?

So manipulated by social media, that people don’t even know why they are upset, have no clue the actual statistics concerning what they protest over. It’s mind blowing how stupid everyone is.

The data is there. You’re being manipulated. You’re playing directly into their hands in creating a much more divisive country.

Look at the history, any major beneficial change thats ever occurred was done in a unifying way.

The consequences of the current situation is a complete militarism of our nation, extreme surveillance measures, and social scoring.

I’m serious. They think they’re the first? Look to history, your so called coup, will not end the way you wish. This isn’t a movie. Good luck idiots. Who’s leading these fools? Social media? Hahaha it’s so backwards. Change can be had but not by being little brats that don’t understand truth, history, unification, politics, facts. Pure and simple, data doesn’t lie.

I wrote an essay a year ago or so about how social media would end up having grave consequences for mankind and could potentially be so damaging that it actually helped to bring an end to civilization as we know it.

 I may have not been that far off.

No one protesting understands the root of the problem, no one wants a solution because that requires work.

There have been studies that have been done. Utopia is not possible. Having no law enforcement protection is not possible.

Keep destroying your own cities.

I suggest we all arm ourselves now and familiarize yourself with that weapon, because we’ll be needing it.

The crime in the cities like NY Chicago and Seattle is crazy. Armed groups of thugs walking the streets, killing innocent civilians. It’s the beginning of a very chaotic period.

Hope everyone is prepared.

Killing civilians?

Well it’s mostly drive by type shootings. They’re on the rise in major cities.



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