What I Learned In Green Bay

by Dave Jackson

One companies most idea packed seminar takes place each August in beautiful downtown Green Bay, Wisconsin. I was priveleged to attend and over the next few days I will go into great detail on things covered during what’s known as the “Green Bay Getaway”.

There is something exciting in the air when 600+ networkers who are ready mentally to absorb whatever training tidbit may come their way, fill the same room. It’s an energy that makes you feel good, puts a smile on your face.

If you arrive with someone you sponsored, you are proud of them and there is a glow about you.

One thing I found myself doing, especially this time, was remaining totally focused on the speaker. It made a great difference. I found some very basic but key items about creating and running a successful Network Marketing business.

It was very helpful that the organizer, Donna Johnson had a upper pin level panel. So much wealth there, so little time for them. Wouldn’t it be cool if they had a podcast of 20 minute interviews?

Who was best at communicating? Well, all had something to share – some were much more effective than others. Of those who were best, I noticed they were more focused, i.e., they knew what they wanted to share – plus it seemed these people were the same ones who had a focused game plan. See the pattern here? A lot of people talked about or mentioned having a game plan – one that they could easily tell you and knew exactly when they were getting there. I am positive, convinced now, that this is a key principle to success.

And renowned speaker Rita Davenport, like everyone else, shared stories we have heard before. But, they were still funny and beneficial in that we found ourselves in need of these principles bestowed on us. I’ll write later on this.

I kept hearing that we have within us everything we need to succeed. We develop personally until we get to the point where the student is ready.

What was different about this Getaway? The training was equally as good as any other. What was different this time is that the student was ready.

The next step is to first follow industry speaker Michael Clouses’ plan on how to become successful by writing down our goals and making an action plan – then daily following that action plan.

Adriana & I will be at Donna’s next VP Getaway! See you there!

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