What I Would Change If I Had To Do It Over

by Dave Jackson

One of the first sessions recently in Green Bay was to have Regional Vice Presidents come on stage and tell us what they would have done differently on the road to RVP.

About a third said they wouldn’t change a thing, but all took the opportunity to give us a bit of knowledge. Last year, I associated the “bits” with the RVP. This year, I didn’t feel it mattered.

What was interesting was that many I already knew, but this time…

Yes, this time, the student was ready.

So, get ready – here’s a list that many change your life.

– Get better at sponsoring.
– Tackle your chicken list.
– Use the 45 Second Presentation book.
– Spend time with the people who deserve it.
– Share the business more, even though your excited about the products.
– Follow-up more.
– Say what would happen if something happened to the bread winner?
– Do more of your strengths, less of your weaknesses.
– Always listen to your sponsor.
– Getting to RVP is not a casino. No “lucky” ones. Now is the time to do what it takes to make it happen.
– Get yourself back up and get going.
– Get fear out of the way.
– Have an activity everyday. What are you doing?
– Don’t take rejection personally. Keep planting seeds.
– It’s not about sales. It’s about teaching.
– What other business can you have where you wake up and love it everyday?
– Never assume they are too busy, too wealthy.
– Continue to set goals, but focus on the activities that produce money to get you to your goals.

Now, that’s at least a months worth of gems right there. I’ll post more soon. My challenge to you is to take each one and write out on paper a paragraph of what the “gem” means to you.

As I write more of these words to the wise, you’ll begin to see a trend – a pattern. I will write about the pattern and what it means to me. I promise it will be fascinating!

Until next time – happy prospecting!

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