What is the Best Time Management?

by Dave Jackson

Most of my friends that talk about time management say that you have to develop a good level of discipline.  I heard just last week that you can’t manage time.  Time is a constant so you can’t – but what people mean is that you learn to manage what you DO with your time.  What most people do is get excited about managing and start a plan and go for about 10 days.  Then they start slacking off.

First it’s a day, then two, and before you know it, you’re not even tracking time like you used to.  Yes, things seem to be going OK, but this is only because you’re still seeing the fruit of what you did last week.  Did you get that?

We work out a plan, and because things start going well, we get complacent.  I believe this is one of the biggest dangers of becoming successful.  You don’t drive yourself when you’re at the top of the mountain the same way you did when you were climbing up.  And because success is actually on a slope – a slippery slope, sometimes – if we don’t work hard at staying there, we slide off and begin an ugly descent to the bottom.

When you ARE working on your plan, and it is comfortable, this is what is known as the “flow”.  It is really cool to be in the “flow” of things.  You feel that you’re really effective.  Things tend to go well.  You see results.  I truly believe that you are at another “level” when you get to this point.

Another thing my friends say is that you have to create urgency.   It’s an inner drive to get the job done quickly.  Like you’re racing against… you!  So in doing this, you become an action taker.  You do this instead of talking about what you are going to do.  You know the feeling of results and you now know the formula: plan, do, and see results.  Try it for a week – but only this time – keep going after the first week.  Work through the float period and develop your “flow.”  Go for it!

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