Why I Recommend Starting a Small Business

by Dave Jackson

Do you guys remember when I wrote about what jobs would be best to work in a depression?  What I did – which I thought was pretty cool – was to look back into what areas were doing gangbusters during the Great Depression.  It was fun research and I kinda knew what areas would be the ones we just don’t give up on even when we have more bills than income.  It reminds me of the story Randy Gage tells about all of his stuff being repossessed and the last thing he let go was his couch and TV.  Why?

You probably already know the answer to that.  It’s the same reason why at work you have this fantastic idea to make changes and you get home and sit down and watch four hours of TV instead.  We are wired in such a way that we have to fight for progress.

And as much as I know you want to know what areas thrive in a depression, I want you to grasp that small businesses explode during this time.  It’s all a matter of filling a need.  So pay close attention.

One reason to start your own business is because you’ve been affected by this recession.  Hey, millions are also looking for a better way to keep incomes flowing. These downturns make it prime time to do this.

Another reason is you want to stretch your paycheck.  If you’re like most households, you know how important it is to keep working – even keep your spouse working, because money doesn’t go as far as it did.  Groceries rose 5.5 percent in 2008.  That number will go up this year.  Owning your own business can bring in an extra stream of income.

And how many of us HATE their current job?  Any hands?  Job losses increase each day.  Most people feel they can’t quit their job.  Why not work for yourself?

It is COOL to work from home. I’ve been doing it since 1997.  Very cool.  I can go on all of my kids field trips, vacations, etc.  when I want to.  And you can work from almost anywhere with the right business.  Set your own schedule, baby!

Haven’t you always wanted to own your own business?  It take considerable passion, yes.  But don’t you want that to stay ahead of the recession?

And here’s my takeaway – Owning your own company often brings with it a sense of personal pride and a paycheck to match.  It isn’t too late, it isn’t the wrong time and you’re not underqualified.  Anyone can start a network marketing business and succeed if they dedicate themselves to it.  I’m living proof.

What are your thoughts?

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