Why “The Secret” is So Successful

by Dave Jackson

I’ve heard about “The Secret” movie for over a year, but I never had a chance to watch it. Then it was posted on Google Video for about a month, under a different title, so the copywritten movie wouldn’t be suspected. But guess what I did?I watched it anyway. And that was my first exposure to The Secret.

Many have asked my opinion of the movie. I liked the movie because it gets people talking about things they should be thinking about anyway.

There are a few flaws in the movie and concept – but, hey… it’s made by humans. Okay – would I use it to prospect with? No. Would I give it to the people on my team? If they were mature enough, yes.

The flaws are that the movie does not differentiate God from the universe; they don’t establish that you must provide value to the world in order for it to come back to you; and there is a lot of New Age chatter which doesn’t have to be there for the movie to work. Napoleon Hill didn’t need it.

But know that the most powerful single factor in your personal success is your beliefs about yourself and money. Many of you benefited from my Shad Helmstedder web video that struck this same chord. Whatever you believe, with feeling, becomes your reality.

You know what’s neat? The more I work at this, the better I get at being able to block out things that aren’t consistent with my reality. I absolutely believe that I have the ability to succeed, and I don’t dwell on the possibilities that I may fail.

Sounds like fluff-talk, but it really works. Concentrate on the wall, as a Nascar driver, and you’ll hit it.

“The Secret” touches on this – but perhaps you missed it because of all the weirdness. I know I had to cut through a bunch. Many call this “positive knowing” rather than “positive thinking” which can be wishing or hoping. Positive knowing is when you absolutely know that no matter what, you’ll be successful. Are you there?

The reason “The Secret” is number one on the bookseller lists is because we’re wired to want to be successful. But we also want to have it NOW; find that magic Aladdin’s lamp to hear our genie say – your wish is my command.

I wish for The Sullivan Estate, in Oahu, Hawaii, so I can turn it into a retreat for missionaries on furlough. Hey, it’s for sale at $29 million. But in order to get that, I know I need to provide value to many, (and it’s got to be God’s will, etc.)

What is holding you up in your quest for what you need to fulfill your goals here on Earth? What is the barrier today?

And what do you think of “The Secret”? Is it all weirdness – or should we even give it note?

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charlene March 28, 2007 - 11:38 am

Last time I’m going to type my comments. 5th time.

The Secret Movie is so successful because it is based on true concepts around for over a 100 years – based on The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles. It is also an exercise in network marketing (word of mouth & internet) – It’s grossed over $100 million dollars and it’s release was last June.

The movie is only weird to people who have not been studying the concepts of Napolean Hill’s book “To Think & Grow Rich”. This movie is much more solid and down to earth than the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know?” that came out a few years back. I’ve been studying Hill’s book through the coursework offered by PSI Seminars for the past 3-1/2 years. This movie just reinforces the concepts and is a reminder of really how simple life can be. What the seminar company does is provide the material with proprietary exercises so that the person can actually hear about a concept, see how it is represented and actually DO the concept with real people so the participant gets hands on practice of the concept. There is a sense of urgency built into the coursework and exercises to help the person understand the true concept of time…we all are given the same amount, so why are some people so much more successful, etc.

I disagree that the movie needed to differentiate between God and Universe. That’s MY job to do that. To me, God IS the universe. And giving value is mentioned in the movie. Cannfield describes how W. Clement Stone would only teach him the concepts if Cannfield promised to give back to the world by passing on the information. It’s clearly mentioned that if we want to receive more, we GIVE more, not only in money, also in other ways. Giving of the “gratitude rocks”, a husband gives to his wife more love and respect, etc.

People who watch the movie who think they can take it literally and ask and sit back and wait are missing the boat. The thoughts, feelings and actions towards the goal must be in alighnment. Period. If a teen is saying they want to go to college and then become a doctor, if they are not studying science and math subjects and not preparing for the SAT’s or ACTS exams or filling out a college entrance application, they are not in alignment with what they say they want. There are “obvious actions” that must take place to get from Point A to Point B. If the person is not even taking the obvious actions…then they are just lying to themselves about what they truly want. No wonder they don’t see results.

Freddie Jones April 29, 2007 - 7:22 pm


How do I find the Shad Helmstedder Web Video metioned in this article? I would love to see it. Please send me a URL for this video.



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