Why They’re Trying to Change Starbucks

by Dave Jackson

I’ve written on Starbucks before. One reason is I have a son who works there, and the second is for quite some time I owned a bunch of their stock. I made out like a bandit on it and it to date was my best investment move with stocks.

But now things have changed. Competitors have come in and made things even more convenient and cheaper. So Starbucks added drive thrus and started serving sandwiches and assorted things that were not coffee like.

In an effort to stop the downward spiral of the stock, Howard Schultz, founder, decided to take some drastic moves.

Make the espresso machines shorter so the baristas can chit chat with the customers. Right now you can’t see the barista behind that tall machine. Next, get out most of the sandwich stuff. And finally, a big move is to bring back grinding beans in the store which makes the whole place smell like, well… coffee.

But that wasn’t enough for some. A rather rich person recently bought a ton of stock in Starbucks to shake up the company even more. And this will end in even more changes. Since the company is public, someone can buy up a bunch of shares and have voting power.

Shake it up, make it more profitable.

I thought about that for a bit and wondered what would happen if someone took stock in your life for the sole purpose of making it more profitable?

Wouldn’t that be a cool thing? I mean someone who cared and wanted to see good come out of all you do. They would give you ways that you could leverage your time and ideas that you could use immediately to better your life.

I am working on a product that will hopefully do just that. This is a small system that you can keep on your computer or print out and go through to make sure you are lined up in all areas of your life. Sort of my way of coming in and shaking things up for the better.

In a few weeks I will let you preview the product. You’ll love how well this works. And it’s something we all need. Make sure you are signed up on the newsletter list because I’ll be giving more updates there.

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