Why You Don’t Get What You Want

by Dave Jackson

We know, seemingly more in this economy than any other, that things are not fine. Finances aren’t what they used to be for many. Maybe you’re struggling in another area. But most of the time we simply don’t face up to the fact that things could be better if we decided they could be. You and I both know that our potential is limited only by us.

The reason we don’t face up to our challenges is because, really…we don’t want to. We’re super comfy in denying it exists and hoping the issue goes away. We’re happy they invented caller ID.

A recent survey by The Conference Board says that 55 percent of people aren’t happy with their jobs. 55 percent! That’s the highest it’s been in a few decades. But I can tell you that a great many of those spend little time looking for a new job. They would rather spend the evening watching TV or playing games.

Couch potatoWe gravitate toward what is easy and comfortable – even when we’re working at a miserable job! The reason is because we don’t think we can overcome this challenge and we get stuck. Some think they’ll never find love. Others think they can’t start over. Still others think that losing weight is an impossibility. We feel hopeless about the situation and we just give up. And we say to one another that things are fine, but we really want something more.

Why you don’t get what you want is because you consider what mental effort, what you’ll have to do physically, and the consequences you may have to face, getting what you want seems so out of reach you simply give up.

Then you walk by the TV and it’s more appealing than spending that same time working on your dreams. But think about it – watching TV or doing anything else but face the work necessary to build your dreams, is keeping you from getting what you want.

Working on her dreamsFace the challenge. Live your potential. That means hard work. Turning off the TV is a good start and you’ll get what you want. Be disciplined. That is the only way you can achieve success. How bad do you want it?

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