Why You Quit on Almost Everything

by Dave Jackson

It can become frustrating, if you let it; to follow a formula to a tee and not have the same results as the author or company says you should have. You followed the steps, did the work, waited… and nada. So you quit, no?

The weatherman predicts a 70 percent chance of rain today. Your physician tells you people get the flu 15 percent of the time. And the Small Business Administration reports that a new business will fail 50 percent of the time. Like it or not, many people rule their lives by numbers.

But you can easily become frustrated if you don’t have enough frequency. What this means is that you don’t have enough input to make a valid decision. At this stage, most quit. But it is quite normal for things not to work 100 percent of the time. You’ve hit one of the times it doesn’t work.

Having a Wealth FormulaI often discuss here how to have money flow into your life. There is a formula to creating wealth in your life that requires following it more than once or twice. Since it doesn’t work every time, you have to keep repeating it. What Paul Zane Pilzer suggests is that we flip a coin 10 times and write down the results. Do that now before you go to the next paragraph.

You didn’t do it. So stop reading, get out a coin… what? don’t have a coin?  Come on…. Can you find a coin? Flip it and write down how many times heads, how many times tails.

A lot of processes work around 50 percent of the time. This means you can go weeks without a positive result. Don’t give up. That just means the success is that much closer, if we play by the numbers.

Flipping A Coin probabilityMost people think that flipping the coin will result in a 50 / 50 result, but guess what? It’s not true. It’s often seven, eight or even nine heads!

So Pilzer asks to keep flipping up to 90 times more (for an even 100) and then it’s around half. So what is the take away here?

You have to do something more than 10 times to see if it really works or not!

And it also makes good sense to try a new process out more than 10 times before scaling up your business. For example, you may try a new sales plan with 10 prospect and it fails with 8 or 9 but then succeeds with the next 50!

Final thought here is to create your plans and follow them through past a point where you know for sure they will succeed. Don’t quit just because the first 10 didn’t work at all. Keep pushing for a bit until you know that what you are doing is working, or not.

Develop the habit of perseverance and stick to your plan. Remember flipping that coin – you have to flip it 100 times before you know if you have a winner!

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