Willpower – How to Get It

by Dave Jackson

Someone snuck me an e-mail asking how to keep going.  Yes, they do the positive books and things, but then life comes at you full-force.  Zoooom – you feel like you’ve been run over by a Mack truck.

Willpower is essential to any success.  It’s based on… Confidence.  Oh boy – that’s a big one.  But guess what else?  Willpower is based on conviction.  And it’s based on faith.

Confidence.  Okay – how do you get that?  Better yet – how do you keep it?  It ain’t easy.  But here’s some help.

I’m not sure what you think of Tony Robbins.  He’s not in the news much like he was 10 years ago, but he is still teaching that in order to gain that feeling of confidence, you must think back to a time when you had total confidence – when you were on top of your game, when you were in control.

Then, lock that moment in your mind so you can reference it.  You’ll need to refer to that when you’re feeling a lack of willpower.

For example, one of my best friends, the manager at Rio de Janeiro for a major American airline, had a great fear of talking in front of the management team for South America.  We went through the same exercise.

Find a time when you felt strong, and think of it when you are making your presentation.  Say – that could help you in your group presentations, no?

We went a step further, as these fellows intimidated.  I told my friend to picture the group with Mickey Mouse ears… all smiling and sitting there in clown suits.  The crazier, the better.

And each time he though intimidation – I told him to scratch that thought right out of his mind.  Stop.  Think mouse ears.  Repeat.  Until he was confident and had his willpower.

You can also gain willpower by working on your goals, reading biographies of successful people, listening to those uplifting audios, and reading books by people who have achieve success.

So when you feel yourself going down that slippery slope of loss of willpower – bookmark this page and come back here.  Think mouse ears.

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