World’s Greatest Leaders are Made

by Dave Jackson

Ready for another shocker?  Take a look at dynasties, say, in the Bible and you can easily see that great leaders and not by birth.  Yes, it helps to be in the bloodline.  Because that way, you’re probably going to end up getting training needed to become a great leader.  But nothing is guaranteed.

Your ability to negotiate, influence, communicate, and persuade others to do things is one of the key things you can master in your life.  And, the most effective people are those who can organize people to accomplish significant goals.

I mean, think of it – everyone you meet has different values, no?  This is why there is such a grand human tapestry.  And also why it has never been a simple thing to get diplomats to lead people into a world goal.

OK, so you know leaders are made and not born.  I am constantly learning more on Internet marketing because I’m a big fan and it’s treated me well.  So I learn by following what other excellent Internet marketers are doing.  This way I become more proficient.  It’s the same with learning to be a great leader.  Follow the great leaders you know.  Study them.

And here’s a key.  Find out what are the motivators and behaviors of other people in the team or circle that you want to lead.  What are their hot buttons and how can you use that to lead them?

It’s not always going to be easy as a leader.  Look at history.  Ugg.  But you need to go back to your “Camp David” and reexamine your values and goals.  Look at your activities and assignments and your responsibilities.  Be more concerned with what’s right rather than who’s right.  Great leaders are determined to perform in excellent fashion – not to please everyone.  Yet, all know that getting everyone to work together in harmony is the key to their success.

A team leader will get those on the team all working toward a common goal.  It’s your skill and influence that will persuade.  Show your values and standards for the team and strive to keep those in line.

And finally, don’t fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others.  Compare yourself to your past accomplishments.  Set high standards and see if you live up to them.  Keep trying.  Your ability to put a team together and them lead them to high performance will enable you to skyrocket your career and reach your goals faster than ever before.

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