Write These Words of Advice Down

by Dave Jackson

Donna opened the session by calling up another group of RVP’s up to the podium. I already had my notebook open, ready to take notes as fast as I can. My best blue pen was ready to jot down any relevant tip.

They each got up, introduced themselves, told their story and then closed with advice. Here’s a sampling; these are great:

– Find someone you love to do this business with.
– Listen better.
– God is good, life is tough – don’t get the two mixed.
– Don’t quit, no matter what is going on in your life.
– God’s timing is perfect.
– We all go through pain – you’re not alone.
– Embrace tough times – get through it – look for the good, look for the opportunity. Bounce.
– Become the leader you want your team to follow.
– Reach down to your team. Stay connected.
– They invested in you, you now invest in them.
– Positive thinking will affect the way you dream.
– The Lord knows the plans He has for us.
– You don’t know someone’s Why – don’t prejudge.
– Focus on one reach out method. Find one you’re good at and stick to it. Learn it and make it duplicatable.
– The business is my obligation to share.
– Busy people are great. Don’t give up on them. Drip.
– Don’t attach yourself to the outcome – attach yourself to the activity.
The Generosity Factor (TM), The by Ken Blanchard,S. Truett Cathy (founder of Chick-Fil-A) – good book!
– If you want to get good at the business, get more uncomfortable.
– Be duplicatable.
– We’re in the business of building others, so build yourself. Find those strengths within you.
– Start people thinking about the business.
– Dream big. Believe in yourself. Never give up.
– The people driving the Mercedes have gotten over the obstacles, instead of letting the obstacles get over them.
– What you think about you bring about.
– Enlarge your vision. Dream like a child.
– Learn to say “next” a lot quicker.
– Act like an RVP until you are one.
– Become the person you’re looking for.
– Use the 45 Second book.
– Listen more to prospects needs.
– Tap into “Why” you are doing this business.
– Help your downline set goals.
– Mind your mind.
– Have a sense of urgency.
– Have a vision and dream for your team.
– Realize that this is your destiny.
– Ask God to show you who needs this business.

Wow! You learn a lot just reading through that list! Isn’t there a ton of knowledge in there? And if you don’t understand one of the tips, enter a comment and I will address it.

Next time I will share with you what was presented about the REsults Presentation.

This entry is a little late tonight. We made a decision to listen to a live interview over Internet Radio station http://www.achieveradio.com/ with Don & Nancy Failla. We’re following their system in our organization and Stacia Trivison did an incredible job interviewing this awesome couple.

Off to do my Michael Clouse exercises. Wow, this latest CD set, “Building a Better Life” is the best work I’ve heard Michael do. Get this set. It will make your business grow fast!

Happy prospecting!

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Kim Scharff November 27, 2006 - 5:38 pm

Thanks for the words of advice. I love all the encouragement Arbonne gives everyone. I really want to succeed in this. Your are right, I definitely need to go out of my comfort zone to accomplish my goal.I am doing it though, so it will come.

Thank you. Kim


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