Your Belief System

by Dave Jackson

We drove four hours to sit in the second row with our half filled cups of decaf coffee and half and half. The room was a buzz with people happily exchanging courtesies, many exchanging business cards to add to their collection. The speaker tested the house sound system in the beautiful Florida clubhouse. Before we knew it, the speaker was challenging us.

Check this out: Write down five people you would contact if you knew they would say yes. Hmmm, before I thought of my people, I thought of that Tony Robbins quote that goes something like, “what would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?” Powerful stuff!

But this was fairly easy. I mean, I could think of all the people on my street, my church, my relatives…and the list goes on and on. Okay, how is this going to increase my belief system? The speaker went on to give the second part of the exercise. “Write down reasons that they might say no.”

What? That introduces doubt. I thought you just said they would all say yes! But like a good seminar attendee, I followed along. Let’s see – for Geoff, he would probably think the product is for sissy’s and why am I into something like that. For Mike, well, he’s been in so many network marketing companies he could probably be a poster child. And for Kent, he would probably just laugh.

But why is it so difficult for us to get off our anatomy and make the call? Our speaker said it was because our belief system in the company isn’t at the level it should be. What!!!?? you may say – I believe a million percent in this company! Do you? Do you think you have the level of belief of the top people in your success line? What is it about them that is different from you?

Okay, yeah, they get the big paychecks – and have more experience than you. So what is different? It’s pixie dust. I know you have wondered about this for months – well, that’s it. If you are a special friend of someone who has the pixie dust, they may let you have some. And then you, too can have that unstoppable belief system that will take you to infinity and beyond!

Unfortunately you are probably too far in your VP’s downline and quite possibly by the time it gets to you, the pixie dust has been hoarded.

So, alone and rejected you decide to go to Starbucks and order the most fattening thing on the menu.

Listen. You don’t believe in pixie dust, right? So let’s work on you. I know you want to get your belief system up in the VP stratosphere. VP’s have no pixie dust. They have grown their belief because they have exercised it. Just as strongly you don’t believe in pixie dust, they believe so much in the company and the opportunity that they don’t make the decision for their prospects.

Hello? What does that mean?

That means let your prospects decide for themselves. When you have such little belief that you don’t share the company and the business opportunity with them, you are making the decision for them!

Show them the opportunity! You will be surprised how many people are unhappy with their jobs. So your homework is to get to the belief level where “no matter what anybody else thinks about this – they just don’t understand!”

Get your expectation to the point where they won’t even ask negative questions. Inside, become “unshakable”. This means when you get a dream stealer, when someone says no, that will not shake you one iota. You are in for the long haul. Get your big WHY in order.

Did you ever think that obstacles turned around are platforms for others? For instance: someone tells you they have no time to do this business – another person will say THAT IS WHY they want to do this! Someone tells you it costs too much – another person will say I WANT FINANCIAL FREEDOM! Get me in business and teach me how to make money so I can afford things.

Believe big! Don’t set people’s expectations for them. When you are chatting with your team – don’t tell them to do $2500 and shoot for 1st Step DM. Tell them to go for $6000 and three business builders! Don’t set a ceiling for them – because guess what? That’s all they will do – $2500.

Use your belief system. Don’t let your feelings dictate your activity in this business. Your feelings will keep you back. What if the owner of the gas station didn’t open his station because he was feeling in the dumps that day? Soon people would find another station to buy gas.

When you are down and don’t work – guess what? You’re deciding not to succeed. And your ACE prospects don’t sign up with someone who is undecided. There is POWER in decision and intention.

Know your intentions. Work every situation to your best. 90% of this business is in your head.

Remember, things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out. John Wooden (basketball coach great)

So, homework – get like a rock! No one can shake you. You only care about your WHY. Believe BIG. You are what makes your business!

Dave in Naples, FL

(Parts of this entry derived from a recent seminar with ENVP Lisa Voorhies.)

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