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What is Success?

What did you say when someone asked you what your definition of success is? Was it some amount of money, or some stature in life?

I learned early on to look at results. If stuff works, take notes. If it doesn’t, move on.

When you see the results of “most” people, you see that their definition of success isn’t correct. If it were, people would be healthier and happier. But sadly they’re not.

Andrew CarnegieAndrew Carnegie passed on to Napoleon Hill that success came from having a definiteness of purpose. I talked about that recently.  And when Earl Nightingale spoke with Napoleon Hill, he learned that but as you know from reading Think and Grow Rich, you have to do some thinking for yourself.

Nightingale spent years refining his definition of success.  And Bob Proctor, who worked for Earl Nightingale, share with me, through the Success Puzzle series, that Nightingale’s definition for success came down to these words:

Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.

And that definition has stood the test of time.  Because when implemented, it works – you see results.  It is in perfect harmony with the laws of the universe.

Napoleon HillWhen I break those words down, I know that progressive is not jerky.  It’s smooth and building, modern, better than before.

Realization is awareness, figure it out, knowledge, intelligence, able to make better decision.

Worthy is not petty, you leave with more than you came, profitable, worth taking on, beneficial to many.

Ideal.  James Allen, from As A Man Thinketh, said it’s an idea you have fallen in love with.  It’s perfect for the time and opportunity.

Did you know that everything you need for success is already here.  The scientists will tell you that energy can neither be destroyed or created.  It’s here around and among us.  We have to become aware of that abundance that is already here.  It’s just waiting for you to accept it.

It’s the mind of God – what He already put in place.

Earl NightingaleWe’re all aware of the two parts of our mind… consciousness and subconsciousness.  Our conscious is elevated higher than animals.  We are self-conscious.

Success involves raising consciousness higher toward Divine consciousness.  We want to get closer to our Creator.

How can we do that?

We do it through our thoughts.

Our conscious mind is the part that thinks, reasons.  We interpret all the senses with the conscious mind. We can accept or reject things here.  When we do, those thoughts determine eventually the results in your life.

In other words, what you are thinking right now will bring about what will happen in the future.

Bob ProctorAs you repeatedly accept stuff, it gets imprinted on the subconscious.  And when it does, it becomes part of your paradigm, part of your personality, the habits you do.

The subconscious is in every cell in our body.  It’s our emotional mind.  It’s the part of us that is a part of the whole universe.

There is only one mind.

We are each individual expressions of the mind, the universal mind.

Proper attitude is necessary for success.  Attitude is the composite of your thoughts, feelings and actions. Know that things are always flowing into your mind – energy.  You choose your thoughts and those choices respond in feelings in your subconscious, which cause actions.

Your thoughts cause actions which alter your conditions, circumstances and environment.  This is the result you want to change.

New thoughts – or you blocking unwanted thoughts – will give you new feelings, causing new actions and new results.

We receive input to our conscious mind through our senses, but also through vibrations.  We are able to decide to accept these things into our lives or to reject them.  When we accept them, they become an emotional part of us, which causes actions.

This is in harmony with the universe.

We give energy to some thoughts or pictures in our minds now, and later things are manifested in our lives.

I welcome your thoughts.